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Sexing Technologies USA

About Us

Sexing Technologies (ST) is the pioneer of the sex sorting technology for bovine semen originally invented by USDA, and licensed to XY LLC, a subsidiary of ST. ST is engaged in the business of sorting and freezing of bovine semen into X (female) chromosome bearing and Y (male) chromosome bearing sperm populations, for use in artificial insemination of cattle, with primary and secondary gender selection options. ST uses the patented SexedULTRA® technology and the advanced Genesis III (Gen-III) sex sorting machines manufactured by Cytonome Inc, a subsidiary of ST USA.

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Mobile Sex Sorting Lab

ST India has introduced its State-of-the-Art Mobile Sex Sorting Laboratory to provide sperm sex sorting service at different locations in India. The Mobile Sorting Lab is the first of its kind in the world, which is a small version of the standard stationary lab, with ST’s patented GenIII sorting machines

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About SexedULTRA®

Normal semen contains X (female) or Y (male) chromosomes bearing sperms which determines the gender of the offspring. The ova released by female contains only X chromosomes and at the time of fertilization, if the X chromosome bearing sperm fertilizes the ova, the calf will be female (XX),

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Our Laboratories in India

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