Sex Sorted Semen & SexedULTRA® Sperm Sorting Technology

SexedULTRA ®, sperm sorting technology produce high fertility Sex Sorted Semen by Identifying and separating X (Female) and Y (Male) chromosome bearing sperms and removing Y without killing in order to produce more than 90% female calves and to reduce the male calves to less than 10%. Sex Sorted Semen is commonly known as Sexed Semen, Sex Semen, Sorted Semen, Gender selected semen, Gender biased semen, Female sorted semen etc.

Normal semen contains X (female) or Y (male) chromosomes bearing sperms which determines the gender of the offspring. The ova released by female contains only X chromosomes and at the time of fertilization, if the X chromosome bearing sperm fertilizes the ova, the calf will be female (XX), and if Y chromosome bearing sperm fertilizes the ova, the resulting calf will be male (XY). Therefore, in the natural mating or Artificial Inseminations (AI) with normal (conventional) semen, there is an equal chance of getting female or male calves (50% males and 50% females).

The sperm sex sorting technology is intended to separate and select the sperms of desired gender. The highly advance and patented SexedULTRA® sperm sorting technology accurately identifies and separates the X (female) and Y (male) chromosome bearing sperms and produce Sex Sorted Semen with over 90% gender purity.

The sperm sorting technology was invented by USDA and was licensed to XY LLC which was founded in 1996. Sexing Technologies (ST) was established in 2004 and ST acquired XY LLC in 2007. Since then, ST has pioneered the sperm sex sorting technology, and heavily invested in research and development and created SexedULTRA® technology with the combination of improved the machines, media and processes resulting in high fertility Sex Sorted Semen with over 90% purity of desired gender.

Advantages of SexedULTRA® Sperm Sorting Technology

  • SexedULTRA® sperm sorting technology is an advanced cell identification and gentle selection and separation of sperm cells. It does not use any laser ablation or sperm killing technology.
  • After removal of dead and dying sperms from the raw ejaculate, the sample is combined with sheath fluid which gently encapsulate and protect the sperms individually during the sorting process.
  • SexedULTRA® Semen sorting technology simultaneously separates female(X) and male(Y) sperms with a high level of accuracy, desired gender purity is tested during the process in-line, and by analytical flow cytometry after freezing.
  • Removing dead and dying sperms reduce the damage on the live sperms caused by free radicals (hydrogen peroxide) produced by aromatic amino acid oxidase (L Phenylalanine), produced by dead sperms, which eventually improves the conception rate of Sex Sorted Semen.
  • Since the dead and dying sperms are removed before and during the sorting process, the purity test gives highly accurate and reliable results with a high percentage of motile and viable Female (X) sperms.
  • SexedULTRA® technology does not kill the unwanted 'Y' sperms, instead it separate and remove 'Y' allowing selection of 'X'(female).
  • SexedULTRA® technology can produce at least 10% more number straws of sexed semen than the number of conventional semen doses from the same ejaculate (110% ‘Technical Yield’ in comparison to conventional semen).
  • This technology is fast and repeatable, well-validated, and proven worldwide including India with laboratory tests and field results such as conception rates similar to that of conventional semen and sex ratio of over 90% females.

Benefits of SexedULTRA® Sex Sorted Semen for dairy farmers

Over 90% Female Calves

The use of Sex Sorted Semen will result in the production of more than 90% of female calves leads to an increase in milking animals and overall milk production.... Reducing the number of male calves to less than 10% will result in increased availability of feed and other resources to the milk-producing dairy animals. SexedULTRA® technology is also able to separate X (female) and Y (male) sperms simultaneously and or separately which allows us to produce female or male Sex Sorted Semen from the same ejaculate. The laboratory purity also has been validated in the field to have the same results in the gender ratio of calves born. Read more

High Fertility

The highly advance and patented SexedULTRA® sperm sex sorting technology is able to separate X chromosome bearing sperms (female) and Y chromosome... bearing sperms (males) and remove the Y chromosome bearing sperms during the sorting process. The technology also removes the dead and dying sperms prior to sorting which results in the final product mostly with only live sperms. The absence of dead sperms and debris reduces the bad effects of dead sperms on live sperms which enhances conception rate. Optimization and control of temperature and pH, oxidation reduction and nourishment of the sperms during the sorting process increase the sperm viability and improve conception rate. SexedULTRA® Sex Sorted Semen has already proven to have conception rate similar to or more than that of conventional semen under similar conditions.
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Faster Genetics Progress

The use of Sex Sorted Semen will result in more than 90% heifer calves in contrast to 50% females while using conventional semen. When using Sex Sorted Semen... from bulls with superior genetics, there is a chance to have over 90% female calves from the superior bull which is over 40% more females while using conventional semen from the same bull. Producing more females from superior bulls on elite cows heifers will speed up genetic progress through more females. Therefore, it is important to select Sex Sorted Semen from superior bulls to inseminate the elite cows and heifers from different breeds of cattle and buffaloes
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Improved Animal Welfare

Usage of Sex Sorted Semen reduces the proportion of male calves born to less than 10% and female calves to more than 90%. This in turn will also reduce the ...risk of dystocia because when a female calf is born, the chances of dystocia is lower. The reduced calving difficulties will help reducing stress, problems related to dystocia, infertility, losses in milk production, cow and calf mortality, increased culling and veterinary and management costs. Easy calving will also improve animal welfare and milk production. It was also proven that cows that have given birth to two female calves in the two consecutive calving has produced more milk compared to those given birth to male calves. Read more